We pride ourselves on providing our clients with high quality personalized service. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need to help you recover from the effects of chronic pain.

We maintain strict confidentiality while we encourage teamwork.

We do our best to ensure that all of our clients are helped as easily as possible. We gladly accept most insurances, including Washington State Department of Labor and Industry.

Our Core Team Members are:

Alan Weisser, JD, PHD,  is a clinical psychologist who has worked in public sector mental health institutions for many years, becoming expert at bringing people together and solving problems. He founded New Options, Inc. in 2002 to help people with chronic pain learn to fully engage in recovery.

Judy Davis, MA, ABS, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 30 years of professional experience. She applies her understanding of the dynamics between people to assist families and couples affected by chronic pain.

If you would like to contact our team please contact us in the way that is most comfortable for you:

Please send an email to

To contact the Seattle Office call 1-206-323-9199

To Contact the Bellevue Office call 1-206-919-9873