New Options has worked with thousands of pain patients and understand the devastation chronic pain can bring to you and your family. Let our expertise ease the burden of chronic pain in your life.

Chronic Pain is life-altering. It can leave a person feeling as if there is no hope. Standard approaches in both medicine and psychology don’t work well enough and patients are often left to deal with the mystery of pain on their own. Although we may not be able to stop the chronic pain, we can demystify it. There are many ways to improve quality of life through focusing your potential on developing mastery of your pain. There are approaches and practices to make chronic pain part of your life, not the focus.

The real goal of our work is to help you become aware of what you are bringing to the table. It isn’t just pain. Learning what is important to you, helps us articulate where your power lies and how to tap into it. You can respond to chronic pain with ripples of disability or you can see the ripples of possibility within your situation. But most people aren’t trained to recognize that. We will encourage you to push the limits of what you are capable of, help you to embrace what really matters to you, and how to live in persistent mastery. That is what we offer, NEW OPTIONS for you.