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New Options is a pain management clinic located in Seattle, WA. Our Pain management specialists have diverse backgrounds that provide Chronic Pain Sufferers with innovative and effective treatment customized for each client. The New Options Team has worked with thousands of pain patients and understand the devastation chronic pain can bring to you and your family. Let our expertise ease your burden of chronic pain.

Chronic Pain is life-altering. It may stem from a physical problem that is complicated, rare, or even misunderstood. Standard approaches don’t work and patients are often left to “deal” with the pain, sometimes for life. Chronic pain can leave the patient feeling as if there is no hope. Although we may not be able to remedy chronic pain, there are ways to improve quality of life. There are approaches and practices to make chronic pain part of your life, not the focus.

Because chronic pain undermines a person’s entire life, our approach focuses on improving your life as a person in pain. Chronic pain causes stress, we strive to help minimize the stress and help you find the best coping skills for your situation. This approach is a multi-pronged approach that is guided and customized by the pain patient. We will look at all aspects of your life and help you find the best solutions. As a pain patient, you are not without help. That is what we offer, NEW OPTIONS.


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