So you have the book… NOW, we are teaching you all of the tools you need to move beyond reacting to chronic pain to MASTERING it and living a full life!

Condensing what we have learned over 20 years and seeing thousands of patients, we present a robust system to help you break down the aspects of chronic pain, address them, and explore how to bring new possibilities into your life. Using a combination of explanation, self-assessments, and videos, we provide you a step-by-step way to analyze your situation seek solutions and develop new strategies to meet your challenges. We also want to inspire you to have the tools for a more satisfying future.

Course 1: The Basics of Mastery

Course 1 is broken down into 5 Classes and provides the framework for you to be able to master your chronic pain and evolve beyond the pain to an elevated understanding that YOU can master and evolve what we call your existential immune system.

Class 1: A Holistic Understanding

Learn to translate pain and what we are calling the Third Evolution and the collateral damages that chronic pain leaves behind.

Class 2: The Physical Experience

Dive deep into your body settings and understand the total physical experience, from sleep disruptions to physical de-activation and de-conditioning. Also, the cognitive impacts of chronic stress and the psychological challenges it presents.

Class 3: The Personal Experience

Understand how you operate psychologically and emotionally, and the basic patterns of how you respond to negative realities and how you care for your own needs.

Class 4: Getting Treatment

In this class, you will learn the challenges of the treatment environment and how to master the treatment experience.

Class 5: Mastery and Evolving the Existential Immune System

Here you will learn how to turn understanding into inspired mastery. We give you a roadmap to unraveling what may seem like a mystery to chronic pain now … to a full understanding with actionable directives to elevate your life.


Course 2 and more!

Beyond the Book

Mastery is ever evolving. It’s not a vacuum that only requires one pass-through. Mastery takes an endless curiosity to move beyond where you once were and a village to support and encourage you on your journey.

Course 2:

Chronic Pain and the Caregiver

Course 3:

Chronic Pain and Couples

Course 4:

Mastering Chronic Pain LIVE!

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