Our Approach

If you are dealing with chronic pain and you want to recover, welcome. New Options has been working for twenty years to understand the complexity of having chronic pain and to develop an approach to mastering pain that brings your life back. Sound too good to be true?

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When people first come to us, they often feel misunderstood, frustrated, and confused. They want answers that make sense and can help guide them. There doesn’t appear to be anyone who can help them respond to their ongoing losses and suffering. The problems pile up, but the solutions do not. That is where we come in.

​Our approach is existential: We want our patients and students to think of pain not as something that shows up in their back or shoulder or foot, but as something that shows up in their life—in the things they can no longer do or now must do. This shift to considering everything that happens to you, makes it possible to look directly at the things about our lives that often remain at the fringe of our awareness: what we resonate with, what we believe, what we value, how we feel and what we choose. It is in the process of understanding how pain affects any aspect of our life that we can learn to have the guidance of our own unique self and mastery in our lives.